My Ford Projects!

1988 Mustang GT When I got it the trans was trashed and the drivers windows was out. There were many other problems, but now this car is almost ready for sale. SOLD

1989 Mustang GT

When I got this car the trans was dying, it needed a nose peice and hatch. More serious problems arose when I found the flywheel bolts stripped out because they were not properly tightened, but I got that fixed.

1979 Bronco

Wow! I got this four years ago, and have rebuilt everything on it, litterly. It has 44" tires and will go over or through just about anything. I have been spending tons of time with this truck recently (2004 and 2005) and haven't touched the mustangs. I've upgraded the axles to Dana 60HP front and Dana 70HD rear with a detroit locker. I've also done a saginaw power steering pump conversion with a Milemarker 10.5K hydraulic winch. I'm running 5.13 gears with a 429 this truck does well.

Check out our local 4x4 club or for more details about my bronco and pics

1987 Mustang GT (parts) & 1990 Mustang GT (SOLD) The 1987 had the trans and engine gone when I got it. I have since taken several items off.