My 89 Mustang GT Convertible!


I bought the car 12-14-01 at about 8pm. At about 10 pm I thought it was fixed. At 10:30 pm I made it to a hotel barely. The next morning I got up early and made it to an Autozone and had the problem fixed and was on the road by 10am. I got home at 12:45am on the 16th.

I wanted to point out the general problems, then I'll get to the details. It has three ALBA chrome wheels. They are really nice, but only three. The fourth was destroyed when it was wrecked. It has a new Ford OEM hood with hood pins. The top needs to be replaced. The right front wheel sits back about 2 inches further than the left. The frame for the top is broke. The left hydrolic cylinder doesn't work. The gas guage doesn't work. The radio has no volume. The right rear window doesn't work properly.

My guess from what I was told and the clues is that the car was badly wrecked at one time. I think it was stock for several years. Then someone bought it and decided to customize it. They put the rims one it and painted it a darker maroon color. The only problem is that they didn't prep the car well and the paint is now flaking off. To fix it the whole car will need to be sanded down to metal. This person also wrecked the car. It sat in their garage for a few years, and then was traded to a dealership. The guy I got it from bought it from the dealership. He thought he could fix it, but it turned out to be to much, so he sold it to me.

Well, the first thing I did was to change out the rims for a set of pony wheels I had. That made a big difference. It was idling at 2000 rpm. I worked on that for awhile and figured out there is a short in the wiring to the idle motor. For now I just disconnected it. I then looked at the right front wheel. Someone had tried to do an alignment and it was set at the maximums. I took it to the frame shop on Monday and they said $150.00 to fix it. I got pretty excited and asked them how soon could they do it. I left it with them and plan to pick it up Thursday. Here's an odd problem that I haven't figured out yet. When you open the drivers side door the parking lights come on and the reminder chime starts chiming. I looked at the door open switch and the wiring from it doesn't appear to be spliced. I thought it might be a reminent of a past security system. Anyone that has an ideal on this one, I could use the help.

One of the things that get me is the guy I got it from put a brand new OEM Ford hood on it. The hood doesn't come with the latch catch. You could get this at any junk yard for a dollar or two. Instead of getting that and doing it right he put hood pins in it. In my opinion he ruined a new hood. I am going to take them off and get another hood. I hope to be able to sell this hood for near the cost another. Anyone want to buy a new hood complete with hood pins?

More details to follow as I have time to put them online.