My 82 Mustang GT!


This is my first Mustang as I first got it. Originally I liked the older 60's cars. They had power and class. My dad got an 82 GT that someone had the heads redone. Afterwards they didn't put in any antifreeze. Worked great untill winter then it needed a new engine. My dad go it then. He put an engine from a late 70's thunderbird in it. The car was awesome untill he sold it. After that I knew I wanted the newer style Mustang. I saw this one in the back of a small used car dealer's lot. I got it for about $1200 in late 92. On the way home it blew the engine. A rod went through the block. I got a short block from a 70's truck and put my top end on it. That worked pretty well, but never had the power of dad's car. I ran the car for all it had on a daily basis as most 18yr olds would. In about 93 I went on a 4 hour trip. When I figured my average speed based on distance and time from entering car to getting out it was 110mph. The engine started smoking after that. I had to retire it in 94 due to lack of funds to rebuild the engine. In 96 I traded out a deal to have it painted. In 98 I got a 351 built, but didn't get it back until 99. I put it in in 2000 along with a t-5. I now have a nitrous kit that I plan to put on it for 2001. I nee