My 79 Bronco

My 79 Bronco history

Thanks for viewing my page. I love 78 and 79 Broncos, also called a Full Size Broncos or FSB. I traded for this Bronco in the fall of 1999. I traded an 85 Mustang GT that I paid $500 for and put a $300 used transmission in and about $300 cash if I remember right. If you add that up I paid about $1100 for it and it was already on 44" tires. I was happy to have a big truck after only having a little S-10 for several years.

Bronco pictures

Let the repairs begin!

I actually attempted to drive it home. It was about a 30 minute drive. The guy I traded with (who goes by the nickname of Smurf) told me the transmission filter was clogged and it slipped a little when hot. So once I got about half way home it stopped. I let it cool for an hour and got it home after getting a jump start. First on the agenda was to get the transmission fixed. I called the local transmission shop and they said to pull it that it needed a rebuild. So I did and the next day they called me and told me $300 for a total rebuild and $50 more for a performance shift kit. I figured that wasn't bad. Show me another truck that you can get the transmission rebuilt for $300. Next on the agenda was a new battery and reattaching the front driveshaft. The story was that a U-joint broke in the rear so they took it from the front for a temp fix for the rear to get it home. Well it was more than that. Now with less than $2000 I had a cool looking 4x4.

What I didn't know

Once I got it fixed up it started to sink in how impractical this truck is. It gets bad gas mileage, tires are $300 each, it's way to high to load anything into it or tow anything behind. I didn't know anyone that was really into 4-wheeling or where any of the trails were. I couldn't find any local clubs either. I drove it occassionally to the store just for all the looks I got and to the fair once a year. They did a mud drag. I actually got 5th place once. The mud was less than 2ft deep. I'd bet if it was 4ft+ I would have won. Then they stopped doing it at the fair and the truck sit for well over a year untill I found a local club Then I started getting into it more and found Between those two I have learned alot.

The specs

When I got it:

78 Murcury Montego 429ci engine, C6 transmission, NP205 transfer case, Dana 44 front with 4.10 gears and 3/4 ton 8 lug spindles, rotors, and calipers, 3/4 ton Dana 60 8 lug rear with 4.56 gears, Holly 1050 race carborator (no top half with choke), 44x18.5x15 tires in good condition, 15x12 generic white wagon wheels, 3" body lift, 4" lift springs, 3" lower coil towers, 3" blocks with 3" add-a-leafs in the rear, weld on shock extensions, cut and rotated tracbar, winch bumper, and trailer hitch

Past Upgrades:

Matched 4.56 gear in front, detroit for rear (broke a shaft first time out), Carr side steps, Carr trailer hitch folding step, and an old wimpy winch


mostly rebuilt 429 engine, rebuilt C6, Dana 60HP front with 5.13 gears, 12" radius arm extensions, 6" Superflex front coil springs, Dana 70HD with 5.13 gears and detroit, 3" body lift, rebuilt OEM Ford carb (which does great), 44x18.5x15 tires in decent condition, winch bumper with Milemarker 2-speed 10.5k Hydraulic winch, saginaw power steering pump on custom brackets, generic optima 1000amp battery, drop pitman arm, skyjacker adjustable tracbar, 3" radiator drop, rear air tank, rock sliders, CB with 8' whip antenna, auxilary front fog lights pointed at 45* angle to sides, and two tow points front and rear, also removed the Carr steps and rear hitch receiver


Already have and in process of installing:

Accessory fuse panel, built 460 with D0VE heads, and dual shock steering stabilizer, front electric locker.

Need to get:

deep water fording kit, 1350 U-joint custom drive shafts, roll cage, and a quality paint job

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