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Expanded View of 82 Mustang GT Nose

79 to 93 Ford Mustangs

Thanks for viewing my page. I love 79 to 93 Mustangs, also called third generation or fox body Mustangs. I call my place the Mustang Farm, because you can find several Ford Mustangs roaming around my 9.5 acres at any time.

Current Ford Projects

Personal Pleasure

My favorite is my 82 Mustang GT. That's what the first pic is of (not mine, but one similiar). I like the aggressive style of the front nose clip also found on the 79 pace car. I dream of making it into a drag car one day...

Current Status

My 89 Gt Convertible

I recently got an 89 GT Convertible. I bought it for $1600 on Ebay with the buy it now feature. It was in Oklahoma City, OK. I am in Jonesborough TN. That's over 1000 miles difference. I have a credit card that has airline miles, so got a free ticket out there. My plan was to drive the car back. After putting in two alternators, a battery, and eventually fixing the real problem of a burnt out fuse link under the hood I drive it back in one day. To see pics and get updates on the fix up click below.

89 GT Convertible

My 79 Bronco on 44" tires

I haven't bee working on my mustangs the last couple of years. The reason is that I'm into 4x4 trucks. Mostly my big Bronco. For details click below.

Current Status

My 85 Military Humvee

Yep, I got one. It's a real military Humvee. It was in the Marines at one time. It only has about 16,000 mile and once I get it fixed up some it will be in really nice shape.

Current Status

My horrible 2 1/2 week experience with Sears Auto

Click here to find out the details.